Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Use The Soap Together With Existing Shampoo and Conditioner?
It is not recommended to use the soap with shampoo and conditioner.
The chemical substances in the shampoo and conditioner may reduce the hair growth effect by half.

Can I Use Hair Wax or Mousse To Set My Hair?
If you used to use hair wax or mousse to set your hair, we recommend you to wash your hair twice
using Ananas soap during each session of hair washing.

The ultimate aim of Ananas soap is to wash the old sebum or dirt that accumulated on the scalp. 
Unless it is a natural hair wax or mousse, otherwise the small particle from the hair wax or mousse
may block the pores.  If you still want to use hair wax or mousse, please be sure that they are not
applied to the scalp.

Can I Use Hair Tonic After Hair Wash?
It is not recommended to use hair tonic after hair wash with Ananas soap.
The chemical in the hair tonic may defer the speed of hair growth.

Can I Dry My Hair Using Hair Dryer After Hair Wash?
Yes, please use it.
Wet hair may lead to cold scalp and eventually resulting to a poor blood circulation that indirectly
leading to a thinning hair.   

Will Ananas Soap Cause Allergy?
Thus far, there is no allergy report received from the user. 
Please refrain to use the soap if you have shown allergy to pineapple and cinnamon. 

Can White Hair Become Black After Using The Ananas Soap?
The existing white hair will not be turning to black after the use of the soap.
The effect of the soap is to improve hair growth.

How Long Can One Soap Bar Last For?
It depends on the condition of one individual hair (short, long, thick, thin).
However, in general, one soap bar can last for 1.5 months to 3 months for normal use.

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